Miami County, Ohio Indian Mounds and Earthworks

Miami County, Ohio Indian Mounds and Earthwor

Mound on Corn Island, near Troy. Opened. Described and 
contents noted by George F. Adye in a letter in Cincinnati Gazette, 
and quoted in Hist. Mag., Nov. 1869, Vol. VI, 2d Ser., from the 
Christian Intelligencer. 

Earthworks and mounds in Concord and Newton townships. 
Brief descriptions by E. T. Wiltheiss, Papers Relating to Anthro- 
pology, from Sm. Rep. 1884, p. 38. 

Embankment of earth and stone on the left bank of the Great 
Miami, two miles and a half above the town of Piqua. Described 
and figured, Anc. Mon., p. 23, PI. viii, No. 3. Noticed also by 
Drake, View of Cin. Described and figured by John P. Rogan, 
Thomas MS. Notice by John P. MacLean, Mound Builders, p. 27. 

Below the preceding a group of works (circles, ellipses, etc), 
formerly existed on the site of the present town of Piqua. Described 
in Long's "Second Expedition," Vol. I, pp. 54-66. Mentioned in 
Anc. Mon., p. 23. 

Mounds and earthworks in Washington and Spring Creek 
townships, on the Great Miami and its tributaries. Full description 
and diagram by E. T. Wiltheiss, Papers Relating to Anthropology 
from Sm. Rep. 1884, pp. 35-38. 

Tablets of burnt clay found on farm of W. Morrow near Piqua. 
Reported by E. T. Wiltheiss, Sm. Rep. 1879, p. 440. 

Graded way at Piqua. Described in Long's Sec. Expd., Vol. 
I., p. 60. Noticed in Anc. Mon., p. 88.