Tippet Adena Burial Mound in Licking County, Ohio

Tippet Adena Mound in Licking County, Ohio

The mound is located south of the famous Newark Earthworks in Licking County, Ohio

The Tippit mound today is much reduced from the excavation. The interior of the mound contained skeletons that were placed with their feet in a common center in a "spoked" configuration.

Probably the "Tippett" mound has attracted as much attention as much attention as any other in Franklin town ship. It is situated a few hundred yards east of the road leading from Newark to Linnville, in full view of it, near the former residence of Mr. James Tippett. This mound was seventy-five feet in diameter, and twenty-one feet high. It was opened several years since, and a stone whistle and quite a number of human skeletons exhumed. Two remarkably well preserved crania were taken out, in connection with skeletons, at twenty feet from the top, and just above the level of the land around the base of the mound. The mound was composed of layers of earth, charcoal, ashes and human skeletons. This mound was opened with great care by the Messrs. Tippett, and was one of the most symmetrical and interesting of its class. There is a fort of low banks near the center of the township, in part on the farm of P. F. Coulter, nearly a mile east of the Tippett mound, and about the same distance northeasterly from the celebrated stone mound.