Ohio Burial Mound and Earthwork Bus Tour

Ohio Mound Tour, December 2016

  Ohio Burial Mound and Earthwork Bus Tour

    I recently saw that the Archaeological Conservancy was offering a bus tour that seemed a bit costly for what you actually got to see. Their tour and daily schedule and price charged.
Archaeological Conservancy Mound Tour

$1,095 per person - extra 275 single rate

Conservancy Tour -
Day - 1  Leaving Columbus, Ohio -Sun Watch Village, Fort Ancient Earthwork, Miamisburg Mound, 
Day -2 Fort Salem Earthworks, Serpent Mound, Mound City,
Day -3 Newark

My tour is basically from Columbus, Ohio to Cincinnati to Chillicothe to Newark stopping at 15 sites. Price with hotel would be about 600 for 3 days and if a few sites were eliminated and went two days, around 400.
Most likely would eliminate Newark for day three.

Zimmerman Tour - Day -1

Yellow Springs

We will go from the "upper world"

to the "lower world"

Yellow Springs includes both Yellow and Blood Springs and a burial mound.

Pollock Earthwork

Williamson Mound

Carlisle Hilltop Earthwork
Serpentine gateway 

Rentschler Serpent
Shawnee Park

Adena Hilltop Earthwork

Day 2
Serpent Mound
Fort Hill
Bainbridge Mound

Seip Mound
Mound City

Liestville Mound

Tarleton cross
Day 3
Newark Ohio Earthworks