The Last Remaining Earth Mother, Druid's Temple in Piqua, Ohio

The Last Remaining Druid's  Earth Mother Temple in Piqua, Ohio

    A series of earthworks once lined the Great Miami River at Piqua, Ohio.  Only one of these earthworks has survived the spread of the city.

This henge is unique in that it is more horseshoe shaped with the wall on the left extending down the bank of the adjacent small creek.  In the ancient Druidical religions the horseshoe shape was symbolic of the female and reproduction.

At Stonehenge the sun's shadow (male)  penetrates the horseshoe (female) at the morning of the Summer Solstice Sunrise.

Two larger horseshoe shaped earthworks were at the Portsmouth, Ohio earthwork complex.

Portsmouth's sister earthwork is located at Avebury, England. The symbolism of these two works is the snake draped over the central earthwork rejuvinates the central female.

Only one of the two horseshoe shaped earthworks survives in a city park in Portsmouth, Ohio