The 8 Gods and Goddesses of the Dakota Sioux are Symbolized with the Ohio Hopewell Mound Builder's Earthworks

The 8 Deities of the Sioux Indians and the Ohio Hopewell Earthworks

Wankan Tanka - The Great Spirit that created everything. He governs all.

The number 8 is prevalent in the Ohio Hopewell earthworks. The octagon at Newark was constructed to venerate these gods.

The center column represents the Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka.  He symbolized here as the Tree of Life.  The 4 earthen columns on each side represent the 8 lesser deities.

Wi -  The most powerful Sun god

Shkan - The sky god
Maka - The Earth Mother
Inyan - Rock and immovable things

Hanwi - Goddess of the Moon - wife of Wi

Tate -  god of the winds
Wohpe - The falling star or meteor
Wakinyan - Thunderbird

Wi, The Sun God, was represented by circular earthworks or henges.

Maka, The Earth Mother was represented by the square. The largest circle may represent Shkan, the sky god

Stone walls on hilltop ceremonial works were dedicated to Inyan

Tate was the god of the 4 winds.

Wohpe - The falling star or meteor

Wakinyan - Thunderbird