Hopewell Numerology, The Earth Mother and 215 Feet

Hopewell Numerology, The Earth Mother and 215 Feet

There are several works in the Ohio Valley that have been measured at 215 feet. The shapes of these earthworks would suggest that the length was used as part of a numerological codex to indicate the Earth Mother.

Intersecting two circles at the midpoint creates the vesica pisca (fish vessel) that was used in an cient times to represent the Earth Mother.

This shape was used in two separate earthworks at Mounds State Park in Anderson, Indiana. The length of the earthwork, t called the "Fiddle Back Mound" is 215 feet in length. The aligment from the (now destroyed) center mound to the center of the "Fiddle" aligns with the Winter Solstice Sunrise.

This photo shows the Point that extends through the interior ditch of the "Fiddle" that was constructed as a Vesica Pisca.

Another earthwork with a constructed middle is just north of the "Fiddle" at Mounds State Park. Evidence that this work is associated with the Earth Mother is the solar alignment of the gateway with the May 1st sunrise. 

Another earthwork with a constricted middle occurs at the New Castle, Indiana henge site, about 20 miles from Anderson. It is designated as Mound # 4 on the top map and the length of 215 feet is shown at the bottom of the page. This mound is aligned to the mound to the west to mark the Equinox sunset.

The third earthwork that was measured at 215 feet wide, is the Sacred Via at Piketon, Ohio. The length of the earthwork was 1080 feet, that reoccurs in the side of square earthworks in Ohio and Indiana. The square was symbolic of the 4 winds and the Earth Mother.