Gematria Numerology of the Portsmouth Square

Gematria Numerology of the Portsmouth Square

The two core numbers of the ancient numerological codex of Gematria were 666 or 660 as representative of the Sun Father and 1080 as the Lunar or Earth Mother. 

The Portsmouth, Ohio mound earthwork complex was the largest constructed by the Adena. It represents a large Serpent that spans the Ohio River into Kentucky. The southwest portion of the work contains a square earthwork with two sacred vias.  The measurements used in the construction are identical to those of henges  across the Ohio Valley.

The two sacred vias eminating from the Square are 210 feet wide and 2100 feet in length.  This length repeats in many of the Adena Sun Temples in the Ohio Valley. 

Two henges at the Junction Group near Chillicothe, Ohio were 210 feet in diameter or 660 feet in circumference. Henges at Mounds State Park in Anderson, Indiana, Cambridge City, Indiana and at Athens, Ohio were also 210 feet in diameter or 660 feet in circumference.

The Winchester, Indiana rectangular earthwork was constructed the gateway would align with the summer and the winter solstice sunrise and sunsets. The length of the east - west walls were 1320 feet ir 660 X 2. The north, south walls were 1080 feet; a number that represented the Lunar or earth Mother.