Nephilim Gematria Numerology at Mounds State Park Reveal the Numbers 555 and 666

Nephilim Gematria Numerology at Mounds State Park

The Nephilim Amorite numerological codex is based on a few key numbers:
660 and 666 were symbolic of the male Sun
1080 was symbolic of the Moon and Earth Mother
555 was symbolic of the 'Holy Union of Opposites' or the marriage of the Sun and Earth
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The large henge at Mounds State Park is 660 feet in circumfernce.  This was a standard measurement of many of the henges in the Ohio Valley. The diameter was 210 feet. 210 X pi = 660

Two henges at the Junction Group, near Chillicothe, Ohio that were 210 feet in diameter or 660 feet in circumference.

The distance from the center of the 660 foot henge at Mounds State Park to the center of these two earthworks that are aligned to the Summer Solstice sunset are noted as 552 and 663 feet.  The actual ancient measurements were likely 666 and 555 feet.