Winter Photographic Gallery of the Newark, Ohio Earthworks

Winter Photographic Gallery of the Newark, Ohio Earthworks

Newark, Ohio earthworks in the winter. Pics from "The Nephilim Chronicles: A Travel Guide to the Ancient Ruins in the Ohio Valley."

The best time to visit the Newark earthworks is the winter months when you can freely walk the grounds. 

Photo is taken from the gateway of the henge. In the summer months the ditch is overgrown and not visible.

This photo is looking in the opposite direction from the gateway of the henge that is aligned to the May 1st sunrise. On October 31st the sun will align with the gateway when the sun sets.

From the gateway the bird effigy is visible in the background.  The bird represented 'transition' this could have been for the people buried within the effigy or the transition from spring to summer and fall to winter.

This earthwork or sacred via goes from the henge to the square earthwork. See map above.

One of the 8 walls of the Octagon with one of the mounds guarding the gateway to the left.

From the walls of the Octagon, a smaller circle with a serpentine gateway is still well preserved. The circle was at the opening of the Hopewell Road that ran from this spot to Chillicothe, Ohio, 60 miles distant.

Two parallel earthworks connect the Octagon with the circular earthwork.

Circular earthwork attached to the Octagon.