Fort Wayne, Indiana - 200 B.C. - 200 A.D.

Fort Wayne, Indiana - 200 B.C. - 200 A.D.
Burial mounds and earthworks constructed by the ancient Iroquois

   There are several prehistoric mound builder sites that are Point Peninsula Iroquois that dates from 200 B.C. - 200 A.D. The remnants of a earthen Sun Temple or Henge is located on the St. Joseph River and a burial mound surrounded by a slight ditch on the Muamee River at Bull Rapids.

A burial mound is located on a high bluff overlooking the Maumee River east of Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  A slight ditch surrounds the mound that is diagnostic of Point Peninsula Iroquois.

The ancient Iroquois believed in Animism, which is the belief that spirits resided in springs, rapids and other natural landmarks.  The site of the mound is located next to a spring that emits water that is magnetized and was bottled at one time. The mound is located at Bull Radids on the Maumee River.

This "Spirit Tree" was also found at this site.  The tree was estimated at being over 500 years old and shows the long history of this being a spiriitual site for the Iroquois. The tree was hit by lightning in 2001 and destroyed.