Ancient Kentucky Cave Man Turds Reveal they were Vegetarians

Ancient Kentucky Cave Man Turd Reveal they were Vegetarians

In one little dwelling-place, at about three miles from the entrance to the cave, ' Putnam made out the footprints of a man shod with sandals, and a little further on he found the sandals themselves, made with great skill of interwoven reeds. The garments of the cave men were woven of the bark of young trees ; some black stripes traced on a piece of cloth so prepared, and fragments of fringe also found in the cave, bore witness to their taste for dress ; an other piece of stuff curiously mended gave proof of their industry. Remains were also picked up of gourds, often of considerable size, and two finely worked arrow-points. The ground was covered with human excrement, the analyses of which suggest that the inhabitants of the cave were vegetarians, but excavations have only yielded a few fresh-water mussel-shells almost entirely decomposed. The discovery of sandals, woven stuffs, the absence of the bones