Chillicothe, Ohio's Largest Burial Mound is Hidden From the Public

Chillicothe, Ohio's Largest Burial Mounds is Hidden From the Public

Going to Ohio to visit the ancient burial mounds and earthworks? Just know, many of the largest  burial mound locations are kept secret by the Ohio Historical Society. These mounds are listed as "address restricted." It is YOU that they are restricting, from knowing where they are. Since the publication of "The Nephilim Chronicles: A Travel Guide to the Ancient Ruins in the Ohio Valley," these restrictions have been lifted, with direction to ALL of Ohio's ancient sites provided.

One of Ohio's largest burial mounds is located to the north of Chillicothe, Ohio. 

Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society, Vol. VII, 1900
The Austin Brown mound is one of the largest in the state. 'It stands thirty—eight feet high having a base of one hundred and sixty—five feet and is located near Brown Chapel in Scioto township (Ross county). It lies upon the second terrace of the Scioto and is made up of a rich, brown clay containing not a pebble or stone. “We went up the side thirty-four feet from the edge and sunk a shaft on the east side. It was ten feet down to the baseline at this point. We then started a large tunnel and worked in under from this point. We soon struck quantities of rotten timbers or logs and a heavy decay line. We found a fine rotary arrowhead. There were many soft spots of black earth. Twenty feet from the mouth of the tunnel we struck a log ten inches in diameter running north and south. “From indications I think that at the time of building this mound they felled the trees and covered them up without clearing. “We sent several 'side tunnels. When the main tunnel  passed the center we found difficulty in keeping our lights lit as we had no draught from the outside. We put in about one hundred feet of tunnel and then quit.”