Ancient Stone Graves Around Frankin, Tennessee

Ancient Stone Graves Around Franklin, Tennessee

Numerous stone graves are found within and around an extensive earthwork, which appears to have surrounded a considerable Indian town. One large mound, pyramidal in shape and two hundred and thirty feet in diameter, together with a chain of small conical mounds, is found within the ancient fortiļ¬cation. Several of the smaller mounds contain numerous stone graves; some are also scattered about at the base of several of the larger mounds. An extensive burying-ground is also situated on the slope of the hill overlooking the mounds and earthwork. One of the most extensive and remarkable collections of stone graves is on the west fork of Big Harpeth, six and a half miles from Franklin, at a place called Old-Town, the property of Mr. Thomas Brown. Extensive graveyards are also found at various localities along the banks of the Harpeth River down to its junction with the Cumberland. These graves, although justly considered as rude fabrics, nevertheless exhibit considerable skill in their construction, and are standing memorials of the regard in which this ancient race held the memory of the dead.