Sacred Spring with a Ceremonial or Sacrificial Stone Bowl of the Ohio Mound Builders

Sacred Spring with a Ceremonial or Sacrificial Stone Bowl of the Ohio Mound Builders

This the first sacred carved bowl found in the Ohio Valley, located on a tributary of Brush Creek. Further upstream on Brush Creek is the Serpent Mound.  

Overflow channel has been carved into the bowl that is fed by a spring. What appears to be additional carved grooves can be seen to the left and the right.

Iron oxides from the spring can seen in this photo.  This would indicate that this spring and bowl was associated with the earth Mother.

The spring still feeds into the ceremonial bowl after 2,000 years.

Another view of the ceremonial bowl being fed by the spring. Springs were interpreted as portals to the underworld.

Above the spring is this rock shelf.  Are these indentations carved or natural?

The site is located off of this small stream that run into Brush Creek.

I discovered this sacred carved stone bowl that is also fed by a spring in Wabash County, Indiana.
Are these culturally connected???