Photographic Tour of Ohio's Hopewell Sioux's Blood Spring Necropolis.

Ohio's Blood Spring Necropolis.

    The mound builders constructed hundreds of burial mounds at this site.  Tales of disembodied voices on this site are notorious. Blood Spring was a place where the living could commune with dead. 

A literal river of blood runs from this natural spring.  This would have been the Holy of Holies to the Mound Builders who interpreted Iron Oxides as the blood of the Earth Mother.

It is not known if the steps were constructed by the park employees or by the ancients.  A burial mound is located just beyond the top of the steps.

Springs were interrupted as a portal to the underworld.  The serpent was the consort of the Earth Mother in the underworld who acted as a protector of the dead.

Drinking from Blood Spring.  1000s of the ancients may have come to this site to drink and be cleansed by these waters.

Chunks of Red Ocher are found in great abundance around Blood Spring. It is very likely that much of the red ocher found in the Hopewell Sioux, burial mounds in the Ohio Valley came from this Holy site.

Behind Blood Spring is this Hopewell Sioux, burial mound.  It is left overgrown in the summer months and hard to see.  Park employees are clueless to the spiritual importance of this site.

Hundreds of small mounds once dotted the landscape around Blood Spring.  Antioch College destroyed many of the burial mounds.

A few yards from Blood Spring is this natural rock formation I've dubbed, "Skull Rock."

This is the spring that gives "Yellow Springs" its name.  This spring is high limonite that that leaves a yellowish cast to the adjoining rocks.