Athens County, Ohio - Home of the Nephilim Giants

Nephilim Burial Mounds and Earthworks in Athens County, Ohio

   Nowhere in Ohio is there still more burial mounds to view them in Athens County, Ohio.  Only a few of these sites are even recognized by the county as historical sites. Athens County, Ohio was once the home of the giant race of Nephilim.  More accounts of giant skeletons have been reported in Athens county, Ohio than anywhere else in the Ohio Valley.

Archaeological map of Athens County, Ohio shows how many mounds and earthworks were once found in the county.  The center point of the Nephilim giants, who constructed these mounds is the henge complex found north of Athens.

Henge complex north of Athens, Ohio.  Like Mounds State Park, in Anderson, Indiana, the Henge complex consisted of 8 henges.  Identical to all of the large henges in the Ohio Valley, the largest henges measured 660 feet in circumference.  The length of 666 or 660 was used by the Nephilim to represent the Sun Father.

Numerous reports of giant human skeletons were reported within many of the burial mounds in Athens County, Ohio.  The large skeletons described, ranged from 7 to 9 feet in height.  

The largest burial mound is located within the henge complex north of Athens, Ohio

Burial mounds in Athens County, Ohio ranged in size from very large to this size, of about 50 feet in diameter, which was the most common.

This burial mound in Athens County, is in a modern cemetery.  A giant Nephilim skeleton was removed from this burial mound to make way for a recent internment.

Much of the paranormal activity that haunts Athens County, Ohio may be due to their lack of any kind of  preservation, acknowledgement, restoration or respect for the ancient burial mounds that dot their County.

Many of the burial mounds in Athens county continue to be destroyed by farming. This lack of respect for the ancient dead has garnered Athens county as the most cursed and haunted place in Ohio.