2000 Year Old Earthen Sun Temple Discovered in a Backyard in Chillicothe, Ohio

Another 2000 Year Old Earthen Sun Temple Discovered in Chillicothe, Ohio

 It is hard to believe that the ancient earthworks in Chillicothe, Ohio have not been searched out and documented by archaeologists.  My mound and earthwork survey of Ross County, is incomplete, but has revealed that there are still remnants of earthworks that can still be found within the city.

A group of four henges  that were diagrammed in "Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley" in 1848. The gateways to three of the henges are  aligned to the Equinox sunrise. 

    The circular embankment of the earthen henge can still be seen in this back yard overlooking Water Stree below.  This henge would have been the Henge depicted at the top of the above diagram with the gateway facing to the south.

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