Curious Ancient Stone Works Described Near Bournville, Ohio

Ancient Works in Ross County, Ohio

About four miles southeast of the village of Bourneville, on  what is called Black run, a       branch of Paint creek, are two quite  curious fortifications. The first, a stone wall, incloses about one acre of ground; the wall is three or four feet high and  forms almost a square,    with inner walls, forming partitions as it were; the walls have been much higher from          appearances.  The second works are situated about two hundred yards south, and are          thrown up in a perfect circle, with stone, about six feet high and three hundred feet in         circumference ; nearly half of the wall has been washed away by the creek. On the inside of this circle, and in the center, is quite a mound thrown up of stone, which is nearly one        thousand feet in circumference, and is eight or ten feet in height, with a large white walnut growing immediately on the top- Near Mr. Aaron Vanscoy's, on Indian creek, at the head  of a branch, is quite a mound of stone near where an old Indian trail used to pass; the       mound is several feet in hight. There is a story connected with this mound which says:        Several years ago some brave young men concluded they would explore the mound and ascertain what was buried within it. They went to work and commenced to tear away the         stones. After they had worked some time, all at once it commenced blowing, thundering,   and lightning at a tremendous rate, when they became frightened and ran for their lives.