Ohio's Serpent Mound Numerology and the Trinity - 333

Ohio's Serpent Mound and the Trinity - 333

The Ohio Serpent faces the confluence of  3 creeks, it has 3 bends in the body and the tail coils 3 times. Upstream on Brush Creek is Fort Hill that is also a serpentine shaped work that has 33 gateways. 

The most common cluster of Adena (Beaker People) mounds is in groups of three, many times in the form of a triangle. 

    The mound itself is built as all other serpent mounds are, no matter in what country. The head of the serpent, containing the altar, is on a high bluff overlooking Brush Creek. The first rays of the Sun God fell first upon this altar, and from it, far below, the priests of the ancient faith could see the ♦three forks of the river. This trinity, whether it be three rivers or three mountains, is always to be seen from an altar of the serpent worshipers, and is always unmistakable. The altar is invariably placed in the one spot from which the trinity may be seen. It is always placed where the first rays of the rising sun may fall upon it. From the neighboring lands the awe-struck worshippers of old might see the priests 

perform their fearsome rites and watch the victim of the stone knives gasp out his last breath as the first tongue of flame licked at his still quivering flesh. Just what these rites were will never be known, in all probability. But that fire and knife played a part in them can hardly be doubted 
from the mute witnesses found by modern searchers.

Located north of the Serpent mound is Fort Hill in Highland County, Ohio.  There are 33 gateways
in the stone walls. The northern entrance represents two serpent heads.

The stone walls of Fort Hill undulate like a giant serpent between the 33 gateways. T
here is little doubt that the Serpent Mound and Fort Hill were contsructed to be numerically harmonic.

The Serpent Mound in Oban, Scotland, also constructed by the Beaker People, 
also has 3 bends of the body, 2 bends of the tail and faces 3 mountain peaks. 
The head of the serpent also had a  stone alter. 

Mysteries of the Serpent Mound