Cattaraugus County, New York - Indian Burial Mounds

Cattaraugus County, New York - Indian Burial Mounds
In the town of Conewango was a tumulus 13 feet high, with a diameter of 61 by 65 feet. Skeletons were found with relics. In the village of Randolph was 
a burial mound 10 feet high and 35 feet in diameter. In the town 
of Bucktooth, north side of the Allegheny, was a burial mound, 39 
feet in diameter and 10 feet high. Another was in the town of 
Napoli, on Cold Spring creek, which was 120 feet around. At 
Olean were several of these, one being 40 by 60 feet in diameter 
and nearly 10 feet high. One in Dayton was of the same hight, 
and 120 feet in circumference. Another was on the west side of 
the Allegheny river, in the town of Cold Spring. This has been 
reported as 200 feet around and 20 feet high ; probably an exaggera- 
tion. On Cold Spring creek, 2 miles from the Allegheny, were two 
burial mounds, 10 feet high and 100 feet around. Others were in 
the towns of Leon and Conewango, in one of which were 8 sitting