Necropolis at Haunted Yellow Springs-Glen Helen Park

  While there are many reports of paranormal activity at Yellow Springs, Ohio and the adjacent Glen Helen Park, few are aware that they are in an ancient necropolis of the mound builders.  There were once hundreds of burial mounds at this site that were destroyed by the town and university.
   Burial mounds were constructed to act as portals to connect the living with the dead.  The burial mound represented the impregnated nave of Mother Earth. Most burials contained red ochre that symbolized the female menses and "regeneration."

"Blood Spring" was one of the Holy of Hollies of the ancient mound builders. Red ochre can be found in abundance around this spring.

Burial Mound located within the Glen Helen Park.  It is left overgrown during the summer months and is hardly visible. The State employees who work and give tours of the Park are clueless to its ancient importance.

Three burial mounds located on the university campus.  One of the burial mounds has been desecrated by a statue.

Skull Rock is a short distance from "Blood Spring."

   Glen Helen Park is filled with spirits of the ancient dead.  Knowing the past and that you are walking on ancient holy ground will enhance your visit. These portals are the reasons why unexplained noises and apparitions are seen in this area. This is of far more importance to witness than the oak tree that will pointed out by your Glen Helen Nature Guide.