Large Stone Alter Reported Near Ohio's Famous Serpent Mound

Large Stone Alter Reported Near Ohio's Famous Serpent Mound

Newark Daily Advocate  Newark, Ohio September 16, 1889

INDIAN ALTAR At Ohio's Serpent Mound

Presented to the Natural History Society.

"Prof. Metz, who has for some time been exploring Indian mounds in Ohio, associated with Prof. Putnam, of Harvard College, has sent to the Cincinnati Natural History Society word that he has discovered a well preserved Indian altar weighing several tons, used for sacrificial worship, and offering it to the Society. The altar is on the banks of the Little Miami not far from the Great Serpent mound, and  a member of the Society goes up to take a photograph of it, and make arrangements for its transportation to the Society's rooms on Broadway.The discovery of similar altars in various portions of the Ohio Valley would seem to to the archaeologist that the mound builders were fire worshippers, and possibly offered up human beings as sacrifices to their gods.

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