Mound Builders Bird Effigy is Discovered South of Newark, Ohio

Mound Builder's Bird effigy within a circular earthwork aligned to the summer solstice sunset.

This type of bird effigy within a circular work is common within the earthworks around Ohio and especially around Newark, Ohio. In the ancient world the bird is symbolic of "transition," in this case, it would represent the transition of the solstices.

Unfortunately the undergrowth in mid March 2012 had already begun when I photographed this work. However, after inspecting the bird effigy it appears to be intact. This work is off to the side of a larger earthwork that has been obliterated by the plow.  There are a few sections of the larger work that are slightly visible.  Wayne May from Ancient American Magazine was with me at the site and used "Witchy Sticks" to find the ancient walls and a few of the burial mounds.
  A local resident who has studied these works was with us and confirmed the accuracy of Wayne May's work with the "rods."  It is a method I am practicing with for future mound trips.  There are definite energy fields that emanate from these sites.

Within Ohio's largest henge at the Newark works is a bird effigy that is aligned to the May 1st sunrise.
May 1 has historically been symbolic of "Life." In this case it would have aided those buried within this effigy mound to the afterlife.

Bird effigy mound within the large henge at Newark aligned to the May 1st sunrise. The gateway to the henge can be seen in the background.

Hard to discern, but the mound next to the octagon is similar to the bird effigy at the Yost Works. In other map the same sacred via from the Octagon was lined with circular works with bird effigies.