8 foot Nephilim Giant Human Pulled from Ohio Burial Mound

Ancient American Mystery

Photo of the the burial mound in Ross County, Ohio that contained the 8 foot Nephilim skeleton. Hundreds of these historical accounts can be found in "The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley."  

The Washington Post, December 4, 1898

Dug Up a Skeleton Eight Feet Long
A remarkable prehistoric skeleton was unearthed the other day by Mr. R. A. Tomlinson on the bank of Owl Creek, a little stream near Londonderry, Ohio. Mr. Tomlinson was engaged digging into a gravel bed, and had penetrated about four feet below the surface when he discovered the bones.
The skeleton, which was excellently preserved, was lying at full length on the left side, with its left hand under it. When lifted up the hand was found to hold a dozen darts of the finest workmanship. But it was the size of the skeleton, which amazed those who saw it. When measured it was found to be only about an inch short of eight feet in length, and there can be no doubt that in life the man was fully eight feet in height and probably an inch more than that.
The bones were massive, showing that the man was a giant in strength as well as stature. The skull was a third larger than the human skull, and the lower jaw was abnormal in size and thickness. Hundreds of people have viewed the skeleton, and it will doubtless be preserved as a curiosity.

The Nephilim giant's tomb can still be seen today off of the road.  It is now much smaller after further digs by the Ohio Historical  Society.