Giant Skeletons Reported Near Native American Fish Weir in Wabash County, Indiana

Did A Giant Race Once Roam Wabash County, indiana?

    This was reported by a someone on "Ask," who believed the Fish Weir on the Eel River in Wabash County was removed.  Several Native American burial mounds have been investigated near the Fish Weir, but the information on the giants in new to me.

Fish weir in the Eel River in Wabash County, Indiana is still visible.

"The Wabash, Indiana paper ran a article several years ago about a mound near the Laketon "fish trap". It had to be removed for the covered bridge to be built (now gone). A giant was discovered over 8' tall, the bones were dust an could not be saved. Another mound had to be removed where the Wabash court house sets. It contained a giant over 9' tall, I believe one of these giants had red hair."