Serpent Mound Discovered in Indiana

Indiana's Serpent Mound
Indiana's Serpent Mound was constructed in a zig-zag  pattern.  It's length and width is similar to the famous Serpent Mound in Ohio.

   Revealed in the book "The Nephilim Chronicles; A Travel Guide to the Ancient Ruins in the Ohio Valley" is one of Indiana's greatest prehistoric finds. The serpent mound is unprotected in a field and is not even recognized as a historic site.  Along with the Serpent Mound, 84 mound and earthworks sites can still be seen in Indiana.

An identical Serpent Mound as that in Indiana,  was once located in Warren County, Ohio.

Indiana's Serpent Mound from "The Nephilim Chronicles; A Travel Guide to the ancient Ruins in the Ohio Valley."  Despite photographing the Serpent in freezing fog the serpents body can be seen to the left turning back in the opposite direction.

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