Warren County, Ohio Indian Burial Mounds and Earthworks

Warren County, Ohio Indian Burial Mounds and Earthworks

Fort Ancient, on a bluff in Washington township, overlooking 
the Little Miami, six miles east of Lebanon. Described and plan 
given in the "Portfolio" (Phila., 1809). Described and figured by 
Caleb Atwater, Trans. Amer. Antiq. Soc, Vol. 1 (1820), pp. 156- 
159, PI. ix. Howe's Hist. Coll. Ohio, pp. 503-505. Drake's "Pic- 
tures of Cin." (1815), p. 2. Western Gazetteer, p. 292. Anc. Mon. 
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Amer. Antiq., Vol. I (1878), pp. 49-51, and Vol. V (1883), pp. 238- 
239. Statement of present condition. Sixteenth Rep. Peab. Mus. 


(1884), Vol. Ill, pp. 168-169; also by Prof. Cyrus Thomas, with 
figures, in "Science," Vol VIII (1886). 

A mound on N. W. Quar. Sec, 23, Franklin township. Opened 
and briefly described. 

Two mounds on the S. W. Quar. Sec. 22, Franklin township, 
between the turnpike and the township line. Opened. Briefly 
noticed by J. P. MacLean, Sm. Rep., 1883, p. 851. 

Ancient forks (fortifications and mounds) near Foster's Cross- 
ing, on the hills west of the Little Miami. Brief notice by Josiah 
Morrow, Sm. Rep., 1879, p. 439. Reported also by J. D. Blackburn