List of Burial Mounds and Earthworks in Hamilton County, Ohio

Hamilton County Indian Burial Mounds and Earthworks 
There are several mounds that can still be seen in Hamilton County, Ohio. For directions to all of the burial mounds in Hamilton County, Get the best Travel Guide Here

The Langdon Mound, near Red Bank ; brief notice of the mound 
and contents, and of another near by. 

Mound on the farm of Mr. Gould, two miles from Reading. 
Brief description of the mound and contents, 16th Rep. Peab. Mus., 
pp. 175, 176. 

Large enclosure, with outside ditch, on the right bank of the 
great Miami, near the village of Colerain. Described and figured 
Anc. Mon., pp. 35, 36, PI. xiii, No. 2. (See also C. PI. iii.) Possibly 
one of the works alluded to by Hugh Williamson, Obs. on Climate 
of America, Appendix D, pp. 189, 190. 

Ancient cemetery near Madisonville. Mentioned in Anc. Nat., 
Jan. 1881, Vol. XV, pp. 72-73. A lengthy and illustrated descrip- 
tion by T. W. Langdon in the Jour. Cin. Soc. Nat. Hist., V. HI, pp. 
40-68, p. 139, pp. 203-220, and pp. 237-257. Partial notices also in 
15th Rep. Peab. Mus., pp. 63-67 and 77, and 16th Rep., pp. 165-167; 
pp. 196 and 199. Brief notice from C. L. Metz, Sm. Rep., 1880, p. 

A square enclosure and parallel lines, opposite side of Little 
Miami river from the Milford Works; nearly opposite Milford, 
Clermont county. Brief description Anc. Mon., p. 95, PI. xxxiv, A, 
No. 2. Also figured in Hugh Williamson's work on Climate, p. 
197, fig. 2. 

Ancient works in Anderson township. Notices and partial de- 


scriptions, 16th Rep. Peab. Mus., pp. 167-174 and p. 202; also 17th 
Rep., pp. 339-346, 374 and 376. Noticed by C. L. Metz, Sm. Rep., 
1879, p. 439. 

Two circular enclosures in Sycamore township. Reported by 
J. P. MacLean, Sm. Rep., 1881, p. 683. 

Fortified Hill, at the mouth of the Great Miami. Described and 
figured, Pres. Harrison in Trans. Hist. Soc. Ohio, Vol. I, pp. 217- 
225. Brief notice and figure (copy from op. cit.) Anc. Mon., pp. 
25-26, PI. ix, No. 2. 

Four mounds on the present site of Cincinnati ; opened ; the 
articles obtained described by Dr. Drake in "Pictures of Cincinnati," 
p. 204, etc. Mentioned by Caleb Atwater, Trans. Am. Antiq. Soc, 
Vol. I, (1820) pp. 156-160. 

Mound and grave at Cincinnati. Opened by Col. Winthrop 
Sargent, and the articles taken from them described by him in a 
letter to Dr. Benj. L. Barton, in 1794. Illustrated, Trans. Am. 
Phil. Soc, Vol. IV, (1799), pp. 177-180, and Vol. V (1802), p. 74. 

The following ancient works have been found "in the precincts 
of the town of Cincinnati:" 

Three circular embankments, two parallel convex banks, an 
excavation, and four mounds of unequal dimensions. Described with 
measurements in Western Gazetteer or Emigrant's Directory, pp. 

Mound at Sixth and Mound streets, Cincinnati. Reported by 
H. H. Hill, Sm. Rep., 1879, p. 438. 

Aboriginal vault or oven at the junction of the two branches 
of Duck creek, near the Red Bank station, in the vicinity erf Madi- 

Old roadway on Sec. 11, Columbia township. Reported by C. 
L. Metz, Sm. Rep. 1879, p. 439.