Neanderthals Hybrids Discovered in Wisconsin

Evidence of humans and Neanderthal mating are found with the Wisconsin mound builders. Wisconsin Mound Builder's Skull from Burial Mound in Racine Wisconsin. Like many of the skulls found in this region, it has many qualities that could be considered "archaic."  Sloping forehead, facial prognathism, and a mental foreman that is located under the first molar.
Wisconsin mound builder skull from a burial mound in Racine. The skull type has all of the characteristics to be considered, "Archaic, " which was more common to the Neanderthals.

Male and female skulls from Wisconsin showing "archaic" skull attributes of a furrowed brow, sloping forehead and a lack of chin on the female to the right.  

The newspaper article that describes a find of these same Neanderthal hybrids.  This type of skull was common  across the Great Lakes region and the coastal areas of  North America.  They represent the migration of the Maritime Archaic from Europe and Asia.