Serpent Effigy and Indian Fort Works in Wisconsin

Serpent Effigy and Indian Fort Wisconsin
The square earthwork is very similar to those found in the State of Ohio and Indiana.  Sioux Indian legend puts them in the Ohio Valley at the time of the mound builders.  The legends also state that thse mounds were constructed by the Winnebaho Indians.

I am further indebted to Mr. Sweet for a survey and brief notice of the group of works on section thirty-one, township twelve, range twenty, represented on  They consist mostly of ridges of earth from three to four feet high, and from twelve to fifteen feet wide at the base, and are of various lengths. They are supposed to have been originally square at the ends, but now are rounded by the effects of rain, &c. One mound, one hundred and thirty-two feet in length, is shaped like a war-club. “It has been asserted,” says Mr. Sweet, “that this was a regular fort, being an inclosure; but on a careful examination, I find it is not so. The long mound (thirty-two rods in length) with another at right angles to it, upon a hasty examination, might suggest that idea; but the full survey shows that the conclusion would be a wrong one. The land here and for some distance around is level, the soil sandy, lightly timbered with iron-wood (Ostrya virginica) and sugar maple, with no large trees. There are no streams of water within half a mile of these mounds.” The last mentioned circumstance is rather unusual.
There are said to be other localities still further up the Milwaukee River; but their exact situation could not be ascertained, nor could I obtain any reliable account of their character and extent.

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