Pyramid Mound on Lake Superior Shoreline, Wisconsin

Pyramid Mound on Lake Superior Shoreline, in Wisconsin
Pyramid Temple Mound on the shores of Lake Superior in Wiscosnin

Traces of mounds, constructed in the form of mathematical figures, were observed. One on the northeast quarter of section sixteen, township fifty, range thirty-nine, near a small stream, is about ten feet high, in the form of a square, flat on the top, the sides of which are fifteen feet in length. The slopes are regular from the top to the base.
From this description, and the drawing accompanying it (Fig. 30), this tumulus appears to be a regular pyramidal structure, like those within the walls of Aztalan, the temple-mounds so often found in the Southern States, and the teocalli of Mexico. We might draw the conclusion that people having the same form of worship were spread over this whole extent of country, and that those who had gone to the remote regions of Lake Superior had so much respect for their religion as to erect a small altar or temple-mound, to answer their temporary purposes while engaged in the duty of supplying the nation with copper.