Lake Winnebago Wisconsin Thunderbird Mound

Lake Winnebago Wisconsin Thunderbird Mound
Effigy Mound on the banks of Lake Winnebago that represents the Thunderbird

   Near a small stream, called Eight-mile creek, in the town of Utica, on the land of Mr. E. B. Fiske (northwest quarter of section fourteen, township seventeen, range fifteen), is a mound called the Spread Eagle (Thunderbird) It is of small dimensions, the whole length being only forty-six feet.
There are two oblong embankments in the vicinity; and the house is built upon another called the Alligator, but its form could not be distinctly traced at the time of our visit.
There is a group of conical tumuli, forming an irregular row, half a mile below Ceresco (section seventeen, township sixteen, range fourteen), and others of a similar character formerly existed at and near the village.
At several points along the Neenah, between the Portage at Fort Winnebago and the Butte des Morts, are localities of mounds.