Ross County, Dunlap Works

A Standard History of Ross County, Ohio,  1917

   In Ross county fully 100 prehistoric enclosures have been examined and many of them obliterated; they have contained about 500 mounds of all descriptions.  Without attempting to designate exactly which ave disappeared by force of such events as the cultivation of fields, the building of railroads and highways, and the erection of factories, residences and other structures, this account of the ancient remains in Ross Countys will read as though all were in the condition in which they were left many years ago when thoroughly examined by Messrs. Squire and Davis.

Dunlap Works north of Chillicothe in Ross County, Ohio

One of the most singular of the remains is what is known as Dunlap's, situated on the right bank of the Scioto, six miles above Chillicothe, and near the infirmary.  I is lozenge shaped or rhomboidal, measures 800 feet on each side, and has an avenue 1,130 feet long, extending to the southeast, and also a short avenue leading from a gateway to the north and connecting with a small circle.  Along the western walls runs the bank of a plain, elevated a number of feet above the level of the work, upon the brow of which is situated on outwork 80 feet wide by 280 in length.  It overlooks the larger work and has a gateway leading to it, and the bank seems to have been graded to a more gentle descent.  In a line with the avenue and within a distance of about three quarters of a  mile are a number of mounds, one of which is about fifteen feet high, truncated and having an area at the top, the diameter of which is fifty feet, the base being 100 feet in diameter. These are the only monuments known which are reached by the overflow of the river.