Alignments and Symbolism at Mounds State Park in Anderson Indiana

Genesis 1:14  And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the 
 day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years.

The alignments at Mounds State Park
It is evident that the most effort was expended at Mounds State Park in the construction
of the henge complex for the alignment of the winter solstice sunrise that occurs generally on December 22; that is the longest night of the year and the shortest day. The sun sets at this furthest point in the southwestern sky for two consecutive days, but on the third day December 25, the sun begins it path back to the north and with this it becomes higher and higher in the daytime sky and the days become longer each day. As the days become longer the time when night and day are equal is marked by the equinox that occurs generall y on March 22. The days continue to lengthen and the sun rises higher in the sky until June 22, which is the Summer 
Solstice and the longest day and when the sun rises at the furthest point in the north.

Henge complex at Mounds State Park was unique in that the largest henge's gateway was        aligned to a the setting of  the bright star Fomalhaut and the rising of Capella.  

Fish were originally worshiped as a symbol of Nimrod, the sungod, who after being killed, was reborn in his wife Semiramus' womb. Her womb was represented as "the waters of the great deep". Nimrod then became the fish-god being reborn in these "waters." 

The shapes of the earthworks
There is evidence of female icons within the earthwork complex at Mounds State Park, whether this represents an “Earth Mother” or that of a Celestial Virgin is unknown. An ancient “Earth Mother” symbol is the vesica pisca, or the vessel of the fish. This icon is achieved when two circles intersect at the midpoint

Mary is often depicted within the vesica pisca. The depiction of the vesica as symbolic of 
a Earth Mother icon  
Another vesica shaped earthwork is located north of the group of 8 henge at Mounds State Park.  Its alignment to the May 1 sunrise (May is "Ma" or "Mother") is an easy clue that this shape represented the Earth Mother
This henge is called the "Lost Henge" that is unmarked within Mounds State Park but still
 visible.  The gateway is aligned to the winter solstice sunrise that is associated with the
 "birth" of the  Sun.

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