Mound Builders Ruins in Mercer County, Ohio


Story of the Maumee Valley, 1955

Square enclosures along the St. Mary’s Between Dublin and Union Townships
Another square enclosure was located at the heawaters and the Wabash River, just north of Fort Recovery.

     Mercer County had three enclosures in Dublin Township along the St. Mary’s River and one burial site. There was one enclosed structure in the northwest edge of Fort Recovery and a burial, and
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enclosure within the present limits of Celina. Gibson Township has one mound in Section 24.

Note: This Indian mound was investigated and determined to be  of natural origin or a glacial kame.  It is worth noting that the square enclosures are most prolific in northern Ohio and southern Michigan, but can be traced back east through Pennsylvania, New York to Long Island.  They are associated with the early Iroquois along  with the glacial kame burials.

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