Mound Builders in Tipton County, Indiana

Historic map of Tipton County, Indiana showing the location of burial mounds in the county.

History of Tipton County, Indiana, 1914

      Although Tipton County is a natural water-shed, and would present very unattractive prospects to the Indian of those times, the county has many evidences of this prehistoric race. From the Wabash they followed up the Wildcat to its headwaters, in the northeast part of the county, and there established a colony, and cultivated the soil. (1) A mound and numerous rough and polished stone implements have been found in this locality. The southeastern part of Tipton County was still more thickly populated. From their capital city and old circle at Strawtown on White River, they followed up Duck Creek, and formed a continuous line of settlement on the banks of this stream, and inland through that portion of the county. (2) There a stone circle, several sacrificial and (3) burial mounds, with highly polished implements, bear evident of their ancient existence. Again, in the southwestern portion of the county, on the banks of Cicero Creek, there are other evidences of these people. There at another diverging line, near where (4) Center Grove church took, these ancient people also had a place of worship, the pyramidal foundation of which was sixty-four feet in diameter.

History sheds little light upon this race, although the testimonials left bear witness that agriculture was an extensive industry with them, also weaving and spinning, and the art of stone-cutting.