Early Native American Indian Mound Builders in Cass County, Indiana

Historic map of the early Native American burial mounds in Cass County, Indiana

History of Cass County, Indiana,1913

The character of the works of the Mound Builders indicate that they had permanent places of abode, and were not subject to the vicissitudes of a hunter’s life. A study of their institutions had done much in revealing the construction of ancient society and thereby throwing light on some of the mysterious chapters of man’s existence. No clearly defined mounds or earthworks indicating the residence of Mound Builders or a prehistoric race have been discovered or excavated within the bounds of Cass County, although Isiah W. Kreider reports that many years ago he discovered two mounds on his father’s farm in the northeast quarter of Section 36 in Bethlehem Township, about seventy rods east of range line between Adams and Bethlehem Townships and sixty rods north of the south line of said quarter section. The north mound was fifty feet in diameter and ten feet in height.
Early Native American Indian burial mound in Cass County, Indiana

    When plowing around and over this mound the horses broke through the covering and sank up to their bellies, so Mr. Kreider reports. These mounds have never been fully excavated to discover their exact character or what they may contain. Many flint and stone arrow and spearheads, stone hatchets and axes, chisels, ornaments and other implements of the stone age have been found on the surface of the ground, dug up in excavation or found in small recesses or caves in different parts of the county.