Mound Builders:Ohio Mounds, Athens County, Ohio

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       These are just a few of the remains of the Mound Builders in Athens, County Ohio where none of these sites are preserved.  Giant human skeletons were found in several of the burial mounds in Athens county, Ohio. In the state of Ohio hundreds of these giants were found within the burial mounds.  To read more of the giant humans in Ohio and their origins go to Giant Human Skeletons in Ohio

 Large Adena Burial Mound that has a house on top.
Adena Henge complex that included a henge that was 210 feet in diameter that is the same size as 
henges at Mounds State Park in Anderson Indiana, Cambridge City Indiana and Chillicothe, Ohio.

Large Adena mound that is located within the henge complex located north of the city of Athens, Ohio.

Many of the burial mounds in Athens county, Ohio are about 35 to 50 feet in diameter.